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5 ways to decorate your home on a budget

March 28, 2018

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I’ve had numerous requests to do a blog post of my apartment. This place has easily become such a fun little project to decorate, and I’m excited to share some of the little tid bits about it that make it my home! To preface, my last two apartments that I lived at were so great, but they were dark (I was working nights at the time and wanted the darkest apartment that I could find) and a little older. My sister found our place in Golden Valley last year, and I’m completely in love with how fun it has been to have a ton of natural light, grey/neutral walls, and everything else nice and white. But with a new place, comes with it’s disadvantages too… spending money being the top thing! I knew that I didn’t want to spend a ton of money when we first moved here, so throughout the last year I’ve just been buying items as my budget would allow and I finally have everything finished! So I’m going to share my home with you and a few budget friendly tips to freshen up your home!

  1. Repurpose! I had plenty of pieces of furniture that I brought from my old apartment that I liked but did not match my new style…. so we painted, and guess what color we painted it to?! Yes….. white. 🙂 Don’t throw away that cute home goods side table. Paint it and re-do it! I have a few pieces that I’ve re-used and honestly that has saved me so much money! I also made my dad re-do an old dresser to look like the one that I wanted from West Elm. I had no interest in spending $1100 on a dresser, so he made me something that looks similar and I added on new knobs from Menards!
  2. Start with one room, and work your way towards other rooms. My main living area is my bedroom and our living room. My priority when I moved was to make my bedroom a place that I loved, along with my living room. You can slowly add things in over time, and keep it budget friendly!
  3. DONT EVER PAY FOR ANYTHING FULL PRICE. This is my favorite one 😉 You guys seriously. With sales and coupons, ect, you should not have to pay for anything at full price. This includes bedding, furniture, and decor. The one splurge I went with moving here was a new couch, and that I didn’t even pay full price for. Wait until you see a sale and sign up for emails so you don’t miss it when it goes on sale!
  4. Keep it simple. When I moved into a new apartment, I did not want to hang anything on the walls. They were new and fresh and actually nailing a nail into the new drywall made me cringe. Throughout time though, I’ve wanted to make it feel a little more homier, so I’ve added a few things here and there. I do now believe in keeping your decor simple. Buy one nice hanging for your wall, or use something that has meaning to you. Keeps the cost down, and to me, the more simpler, the better!
  5. Donate! If you want to freshen up your home, donate a few things to your local charity location and make sure to itemize that list and take the tax deduction! If you donate enough throughout the year it helps with your tax return 🙂

I’ll try and link what I can to show you where you can buy some of my pieces!! without further adieu… my apartment tour! Macrame wall hanging here

beside table: local HomeGoods

wisdom begins in wonder sign: Magnolia Market, Waco Texas (something similar)

Good Vibes Only sign: Urban Outfitters

Blush Curtains: West Elm

Desk: West Elm

Chair: local HomeGoods (I got lucky here)

Good Vibes Only light up sign: local HomeGoods

couch: Macy’s Furniture

Coffee table: Wayfair

coffee table swag: Hearth and Hand 

Rug: it’s currently in-stock!!  Overstock

where to buy a doodle as cute as this one: Red Royal Goldendoodles

bar stool chairs: IKEA (and bought them off of FitFoodie!)


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