"Great things don't come from comfort zones" 

"Great things don't come from comfort zones" 

Welcome to my blog! Here I post sessions, travel, lifestyle tips and everything in between!

I’ve had numerous requests to do a blog post of my apartment. This place has easily become such a fun little project to decorate, and I’m excited to share some of the little tid bits about it that make it my home! To preface, my last two apartments that I lived at were so great, […]

I have some pretty amazing friends. Nurses, therapists, business owners, photographers, bloggers, teachers, and to add a PILOT to that list is seriously the most fun. I cannot believe its taken me this long to blog my session with Cecilie last fall. There are some of my most favorite photos and it was such a […]

  I couldn’t leave you all hanging after my first Ireland blog post, and I’m slightly biased in the fact that some of these photos are my most favorite photos I’ve ever taken. I hope when you see these, you feel like you got to take a trip across the Ocean and experience everything that […]

I have always had a travel bug, but now that I officially took my first trip to Europe, it’s for sure now more intense than ever. This Ireland trip was beyond incredible, so I decided to share all the little places we ate, listened to music at, and some of the iconic places I got […]

Kelsey and Dane’s wedding was absolutely perfect. This couple has easily become a part in my life, and I loved every second of their nice and warm summer wedding. I cannot wait to share these photos, and I hope you love all of them!! (also a HUGE thank you to Carly Milbrath for shooting some […]